Watch Viral Halloween Garba Featuring The Nun Costume Takes the Internet By Storm

The video elicited varied comments, with many criticizing the antics as disrespectful to the goddess Durga.

Watch Viral Halloween Garba Featuring The Nun Costume Takes the Internet By Storm
Viral Halloween Garba (Image: @salonivxrse/X)

A viral social media video has ignited a fierce debate over cultural sensitivity, as it depicts two individuals in Valak costumes from the horror film "The Nun" energetically partaking in Garba, a traditional dance associated with Navratri. While some view it as a unique fusion of cultures, others find it disrespectful and inappropriate.

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The video, posted by a woman named Saloni, was captioned, "During garba in my city," and showcases the two participants, dressed as The Nun characters, dancing alongside others dressed in traditional Navratri attire. The onlookers are a mix of amused and confused, with many recording the unusual display.

Reactions to the video have been polarized. Critics argue that such antics are disrespectful to the goddess Durga, whose worship is central to Navratri celebrations. One X user commented, "Garba is a celebration to dance and please around Goddess Durga, not Halloween.

Watch the video below:

People seem to have lost their sense of decorum." Another voiced a similar sentiment, saying, "It is not at all funny. They should be held accountable for mocking Devi Maa. Garba is not a dance or fancy dress show. It is about worshipping the Goddess. The current generation is spoiled completely."

Some, however, took a more lighthearted perspective, joking that the participants might have attended the garba under peer pressure despite being more inclined to celebrate Halloween. One netizen humorously remarked, "When you're dead from inside but went to Garba due to peer pressure," while another quipped, "When you got all ready for the Halloween party but went to Garba under peer pressure."

The video raises important questions about the blending of different cultural elements and the line between humor and cultural insensitivity. It serves as a reminder of the need for cultural awareness and sensitivity, especially when participating in or incorporating traditions from different parts of the world.