Top 3 Apple Watch features you won't believe you didn't know about

Three very useful Apple Watch features that will change how you use the smartwatch have been discovered.

Top 3 Apple Watch features you won't believe you didn't know about
Apple Watch features

The Apple Watch is, without a doubt, the best smartwatch on the market, and for good reason: Apple has spent years perfecting the Watch, both in terms of design and software, leaving competitors in the dust.

Apple has worked hard to make the Watch Series 7 and Watch SE the best Apple Watches yet, and we've been very impressed with how well they perform in testing and real-world use, with long battery life, crystal clear displays, and a slew of features.

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If you received an Apple Watch Series 7 or Apple Watch SE for Christmas and are still figuring out how to use it, we've compiled a list of helpful hints for you to enjoy.

While many of the Apple Watch's features are obvious, others are well hidden among the vast array of things you can do, and we've found three such examples from a long list today.


Setting multiple Watch timers at once will come in handy if you're cooking or doing anything else that requires precise timing.

To do so, press the Digital Crown and then select Timers from the list of apps. You'll find pre-set timers as well as the option to create your own. Once you've got one set up, all you have to do now is start some more.

It's worth noting that this requires watchOS 8 or later.

It's super simple, and it's super useful.

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Losing your iPhone can be stressful and/or inconvenient, but having an Apple Watch makes things much easier.

If your smartphone has gone off the rails, go to your Watch's Control Panel and select Ping iPhone, which, as the name implies, will make your iPhone ping.

To take things a step further (perhaps it's dark! ), press and hold the Ping iPhone button, which will make your iPhone ping and light up its flash.

Very, very beneficial.

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Finally, and perhaps most importantly for keeping your Watch in order, dismiss all of your outstanding notifications, perhaps at the end of a long day. Alternatively, depending on how things are going, at the start.

To do so, swipe down and long press on the screen to bring up Notifications. Simply press the "Clear" button to get rid of the notifications.

What you can't see won't hurt you, and Apple Watch notifications are no exception.