People Are Inventing Hilarious Workarounds Because You Can't Comment on "GTA 6" on Rockstar's YouTube Channel.

Rockstar doesn't seem to want any more GTA 6 talk.

People Are Inventing Hilarious Workarounds Because You Can't Comment on "GTA 6" on Rockstar's YouTube Channel.
Grand Theft Auto 6

GTA 6 could be years away, with a release date of 2024-2025 looking likely. Even still, since the game hasn't been verified as being in development by Rockstar yet, players have become angry, to the point that, for the first time in 20 years, Rockstar is experiencing blowback from an unexpected source — their own fans.

Since the beginning of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar has come under fire from a variety of parties, including numerous activist groups who disagree to the game's excessive violence and overall character.

Fans have always rallied behind Rockstar, but it appears that the decision to allegedly drag one's feet when it comes to GTA 6 has elicited a strong unfavourable response from the fans.

As a result, the new and old trailers for Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced Edition have become two of the most despised videos on the Rockstar Youtube channel. Rockstar appears to be bored of all the “GTA 6” talk, and as a result, the publisher appears to have banned the phrase from their comment section, but fans are both tenacious and resourceful.

If you leave a comment on Rockstar's YouTube channel with the phrase "GTA 6," it may be erased.

While it's entirely speculation at this moment, it's not unreasonable to believe that Rockstar is hinting such moderation on their channel. It's natural that the publisher would like a more positive tone in the discussion about their games, but restricting and regulating to this degree does not make for good optics.

Fans, being the tenacious bunch that they are, have turned to mathematical equations to express themselves. From simple sums and subtractions to whatever SavagePanda845 has to say: 

“We want GTA 5+1, GTA 4+2, GTA 3+3, GTA Xis, GTA Auz, GTA Doc, Car Theft Simulator 6, Smash Car Window, and Hotwire Car 6, among other games.”

“We desire Grande Ladrón de Autos 6,” for example, is a gem in the comment section. While this isn't ideal for Rockstar, it's a humorous way for fans to express their dissatisfaction with Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced Edition for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X. 

So, what's taking so long with Grand Theft Auto 6?

Simply put, only Rockstar knows the answer to that question, and it is completely within their rights to ensure that the game is released in the polished state that they choose. If it means taking one's time with it and making sure every aspect of the game gets the attention it deserves, then that's the best case scenario for fans as well.

It's possible that a 2023 release is on the cards, but since Rockstar hasn't said anything, it's all guesswork. Recent releases appear to have reinforced the perception that a hurried game helps no one, which is why, while it may be a little frustrating at times, Rockstar's decision to ensure GTA 6 is as polished as fans desire will ultimately be a smart move.