Loki Laufson Joins the Fortnite Crew for July Nobody Like Her

From Asgard to the island, the gods of mischief are now joining the Fortnite crew. loki

Loki Laufson Joins the Fortnite Crew for July Nobody Like Her
Loki Laufson Joins the Fortnite Crew

Inspired by Marvel Studios' The Avengers, Loki Lawfison himself is the headliner for the July 2021 Crew Pack — live for active Fortnite crew members approximately June 30 at 8 p.m. ET. This pack includes the Loki Lawfison costume, his classic accessory Loki cape back bling, the glow stick from Destiny Loki's scepter pickaxe, the Chitauri chariot glider (not known about Asgard or any of the worlds), and Loki's welcome loading screen is.

Season 7 Battle Pass, Monthly V-Bucks, and June Crew Pack!


Fortnite Crew customers always have instant access to the current season's Battle Pass. This means that customers active during the current Chapter 2 Season 7 will automatically get its Battle Pass.

If you have already purchased the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass prior to subscribing during the season, a one-time 950 V-Bucks return will be applied to your account.


Active Fortnite Crew customers receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month! These V-Bucks are received on the day of the subscriber's billing date*. Signed up on June 28, 2021? You will be given 1,000 V-Bucks upon signing up, then 1,000 V-Bucks on July 28, 2021, August 28, 2021, and so on upon subscribing.

Remember: Since you receive these V-Bucks on the day of your billing date they are not attached when you receive the Monthly Crew Pack.


Although the July Crew Pack is coming, players need not worry if they are also interested in the June Crew Pack. As long as you subscribe to Fortnite Crew before 8 p.m. on 30 June. ET (when players start receiving the July Crew Pack), you will automatically receive June's Crew Pack.

After traveling to a different dimension, Cuddle Team Leader Jun returns in time as Mecha Cuddle Master. In addition to the Mecha Cuddle Master costume, June's crew pack includes a Citronic Bow Back Bling, Nuzzle Jet Pickaxe, and Cuddle Mecha Wrap. (The outfit, back bling, and pickaxe come in three different styles.) Crew Pack items last you forever

As well as the Crew Pack, June's Benefits include the Mecha Power and Mecha Power (instrumental) lobby tracks, featuring music from the reveal trailer for Mecha Cuddle Master. (Vocals by MYLK.)

Signing up for Fortnite Crew is available in-game from the Item Shop or Battle Pass tab. For more information on membership, check out our Fortnite Crew FAQ!

IMPORTANT: To claim the July Crew Pack, you may need to be logged in with your original purchasing platform if it has been more than 30 days since your last login from that platform.

All video games of Loki

Marvel has been riding a steady stream of success with its Disney+ shows so far. WandaVision served as an excellent introduction to this new format for the MCU, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier provided a story with a surprising amount of depth, and now Loki has paved the way for the rest of the MCU. have done.

Now that Loki's first season is over, fans are already clamoring for more content involving the god of mischief, and there are dozens of sources to watch.

While Loki drew various inspirations from the comics for some of his story beats in Fortnite, there are also several video games available for Fortnite gamers to get the Loki to fix in Fortnite. Loki has been an antagonist in several games over the years, in some cases before he was staging alien invasions in the MCU.

As Loki has reached a somewhat anti-hero status in recent years, he has also become available to control players in some unique situations. God of Mischief has certainly caught the attention of a lot of hardcore and casual MCU fans, so it's worth taking a look at the games where they can get more Loki.

Fortnite's success really can't be overstated at this point. Fortnite has managed to take the game world by storm, and part of that success has come from its massive crossover event. Fortnite Marvel has the most comprehensive list of crossovers with the game, in the form of the various Avengers and X-Men.

Loki is one of the latest Marvel characters to be added to Fortnite, where he is available through Epic Games' Crew subscription service. He looks almost identical to his earlier appearances in the MCU, and achieving a royal victory using Loki can be a great way to demonstrate his "brilliant purpose".

Loki In LEGO Marvel

Lego Marvel Games offer crossovers that arguably rival the ambition of the MCU. They manage to fit nearly every Marvel character in history into a family-friendly space, and Loki is a character that is featured regularly.

The first Lego Marvel venture into Fortnite, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, starred Loki as the game's primary antagonist in Fortnite, and Fortnite players can run through the streets of New York City to unlock the God of Mischief. It's definitely a more nuanced interpretation than in the movies, but all of his signature attitudes is still there.

Loki In Fortnite Marvel Ultimate Alliance

One of the first major Marvel crossover games, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series also featured Loki. The first game only included him as an NPC, where he was portrayed as a comical personality, but Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's Loki was similar to the MCU version.

He begins as an adversary at the beginning of the game but is betrayed and associates himself with the heroes, becoming a playable character in the process. Some of Loki's abilities also focus on his Frost Giant legacy, which the MCU rarely touches on.

Fortnite has lots of different Marvel games on mobile devices or retired consoles that also have Loki in some capacity. Some of them may not be easy to access in Fortnite today, but it's still worth highlighting for Fortnite fans who really need all the Loki they can find.

Loki has been confirmed to return for a second season on Disney+, so any fans who can't wait to see where the story begins won't have to wait too long. Loki has certainly come into its own as one of Marvel's biggest characters, and that's evident from all the video games he's appeared in over the years.

They may not answer for the future of the MCU, but these games may give Loki fans something to hold themselves to until Season 2 of Loki arrives.

Fortnite's Loki content shouldn't be limited to one crew bundle

Fortnite fans who have paid for the game's crew subscription service in Fortnite have an exciting bundle lined up for next month. It's exciting to see Asgardians in their horned helmets, as Epic Games has nailed every part of the film's design. Players will also get a special glider and their crew as harvesting equipment, with a new loading screen completing the exciting pack.

While it's great to see Loki watching his brother and other Marvel characters inside Fortnite, and the bundle itself holds a lot of value, this shouldn't be where the Loki stuff stops. The god of mischief deserves more than just a bundle, as he can add so much more to the island.

Even though Epic Games doesn't look at their comic book history in Fortnite, the developer can squeeze a lot out of the Loki crossover in Fortnite by looking at the rest of their MCU journey. Fortnite specifically, should bring content from Loki's new Disney+ series. The importance of Time Variance Authority is obvious to anyone watching the Loki Show. Thus, adding content based on series including TVA would be the right move.

Based on what Loki is shown inside, TVA HQ is wildly impressive from a visual standpoint. As such, it will be a huge point of interest in future seasons of Fortnite maps. Being able to mess around with all the different technology inside a group's base of operations can lead to some fun weekly challenges, while the hallways are perfect for a third-person shooter.

In addition to some fun opportunities, the TVA base may have some special NPCs for TVA players to interact with. Loki Meeting Show with Animated Miss Minutes in Fortnite is an off-the-wall concept, but in Fortnite, it fits perfectly within the wacky world of Fortnite.

Similarly, MCU fans can see Moebius roaming around, with the character offering standard supplies and looking for those he meets. Being able to perform TVA-specific missions in Fortnite can be a ton of fun, especially if Epic Games is about to take things a step further.

While some of the Fortnite NPCs from the Loki series would be neat in Fortnite, and having a TVA location would make The Island even more special, the show's weapons would also be a neat addition to the game. In Loki in Fortnite, there are two items that are used to reset the timeline. The first is a reset charge, something that can serve as a terrifying grenade for players to use in-game.

Being able to quickly erase built-up objects in an area can change the flow of the game, as players can clear enemy structures faster. The second weapon is the TVA baton, and while an insta-kill melee item can be potentiated, Epic Games can balance it by a single use. With time-based technology being so unique, Fortnite making its gameplay mechanic would be a big deal.

While Epic Games inadvertently went with Loki's most iconic form for Fortnite, it shouldn't be the only item that makes its way to the game. Loki may also get some special styles that combine his Thor: Ragnarok and TVA outfits into the game, with these more casual options sure to be a hit with fans.

It would be great to add a special outfit for Loki's Sylvie character with skins for the god of mischief. With her one-horned helmet and blonde hair, she's creating a memorable twist on Asgardian, which she occasionally makes headlines.

Along with silver skin and more Loki styles, there are other cosmetics that can be added to the game. Loki's blades make a solid cutting tool, giving players change from the staff. As far as emotions are concerned, it makes sense to give Loki something like Mystique's exclusive expressions.

It'll be fun to use her green magic to briefly transform her into another Marvel character, and it can give players a chance to try out skins they haven't bought themselves.

In another sense, he may fail to lift Mjolnir or move the ancient winter coffin. While Loki certainly doesn't have to be the full focus of a season, it would be best to make him a big attraction like The Mandalorian.

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