Garena Free Fire Diamond Top Up: how to get free diamonds in garena free fire, garena free fire Max redeem codes.

Garena Free Fire: We'll talk about Free Fire's in-game currency in this article, including how to top it off, use it, and more. So let's get started without further ado.

Garena Free Fire Diamond Top Up: how to get free diamonds in garena free fire, garena free fire Max redeem codes.
Garena Free Fire Diamond Top Up

Garena Free Fire: After the original Free Fire went missing, Garena released the Free Fire Max, which is now accessible on iOS and Android. Compared to the original Garena Free Fire Diamond Top Up, the battle royale game offers a variety of intriguing features and improved gameplay. New skins for guns, cars, personalities, and other items are frequently added by the corporation. In addition, the creators provide a few alluring goods. However, the majority of these things can only be bought with diamonds, an in-game currency. Diamonds can be earned by participating in various activities, or they can be bought with real money. We'll talk about Free Fire's in-game currency in this article, including how to top it off, use it, and more. So let's get started without further ado.

FREE FIRE Diamond Topup: How To Get 100% Top Up?

Garena Free Fire Max Diamond Top-Up Shiba Top-Up Event

For those who want to top up their diamonds, Garena has organized a special event. The most recent Shiba Top-Up event offers players some exciting rewards for topping off their diamond balances. To begin with, a player will receive the Hungry Doge Loot Box if he tops up 100 diamonds. A player will receive the Winter Shiba Gloo Wall if he deposits 300 diamonds.

How to Get Unlimited Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max Diamond Top-Up

When playing Garena Free Fire Max, you can customize your character's appearance by purchasing cosmetics with diamonds, which serve as the equivalent of in-game money. Given that gamers typically need to spend actual money to purchase these diamonds, Free Fire offers a wide variety of cosmetics that are very difficult for users to ignore. But this time, the business is giving customers the opportunity to earn free diamonds by enrolling in the Advance Servers bug reporting program. Here are a few easy actions you may take to signup and start receiving free diamonds. First, Click here to go to the Free Fire Max official website.

  1. You can now register with your Facebook ID. If every available spot is taken, you must wait for the program to open again.
  2. Ensure that your Facebook account is connected to your Free Fire ID.
  3. Complete the necessary fields to create your account.
  4. Once your account is finished.
  5. You must now use your account to report issues in the entire game on the website.
  6. If your bug report is accepted, you could receive up to 100 gems.
  7. Additionally, you can operate in a group to generate up to 3000 diamonds.

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How to Top Up Diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max?

Diamonds can be topped off in Garena Free Fire through the in-game shop. Additionally, there is a choice to reload gems utilizing external websites. In this article, we'll explain two methods for topping off your Free Fire diamond supply.

How to Top Up Diamonds using In-Game Store?

Diamonds can be readily topped off by utilizing an in-game shop. Here is how to buy or replenish diamonds in-game:

  1. Go to the in-game store after starting the Free Fire Max game. Players also have the option of tapping the diamond icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Once finished, you will see a number of top-up choices. Players can choose how much they wish to spend on in-game diamonds.
  3. The Google Play payment mechanism will subsequently be requested of the players. On the Google Play payment screen, one can add a debit card or credit card and complete the transaction.
  4. The in-game cash will be added to players' accounts once the payment has been successfully processed.

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Free Fire Diamonds Top Up Prices

Rs 80 – 100 diamonds

Rs 50 – 310 diamonds

Rs 400 – 520 diamonds

Rs 800 – 1060 diamonds

Rs 1600 – 2180 diamonds

Rs 4000 – 5600 diamonds

How to Redeem Codes in Garena Free Fire Max For Diamond Top Up?

Garena Free Fire is skilled in providing its gamers with free rewards and items to their satisfaction. The business rewards customers with various redemption codes on its website and social media pages. The 12 characters of the redeem codes are a mix of letters and numbers. The Free Fire rewards redemption website is the only place where the prizes may be redeemed, it's vital to note. Additionally, the codes can only be used on the specified server. A code that is intended for an Indonesian server will not function on an Indian server. Additionally, if you have guest accounts, you cannot redeem these codes. Having said that, here is how to use codes in Free Fire:

  1. Visit the webpage at
  2. Using your Facebook, Google, Apple ID, or another account, log in to the game.
  3. Enter or paste the redemption code there, then select Confirm. You will see a confirmation notice on the website if the prize is legitimate.
  4. Once finished, use the in-game mail feature to claim your goodies.

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How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire Max?

Even while there isn't a direct way to earn free diamonds on Free Fire, there are a number of workarounds you may use. Additionally, there are some websites where you can make money:

Using In-Game Events

In-game events are regularly held by Garena Free Fire. By fulfilling various event missions, users have the chance to earn free diamonds during the events. However, it's vital to remember that taking part in in-game activities will only net you a little number of diamonds.

Using Google Opinion Rewards

For those who are unaware, Google Opinion Rewards is among the most well-liked programs available through the Google Play Store. Users of the app can acquire Play credits by taking part in and finishing quick surveys that are provided by the search engine itself. To earn Google Play credits, download this application and respond to quick surveys. When you have earned enough credits, you can use the virtual money in the game to buy diamonds.

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Using Get-paid-to applications and websites

There are numerous additional get-paid-to programs and websites that function similarly to Google Opinion Rewards in that they let you receive payments for completing surveys. Many businesses, like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, Easy Prizes, Poll Pay, and others, offer rewards to users who perform tasks like surveys and quizzes. The website also offers cashout choices, which you may employ to obtain cost-free Free Fire diamonds.

Garena Free Fire Diamonds Best Top-up Offers Online

Numerous websites provide additional Diamonds for Garena Free Fire. On your initial top-up, several of the websites also provide some intriguing discounts. Here is a list of websites where you can get great discounts on adding more diamonds to Free Fire:

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One reliable website where you can top up your diamond balance is Razorpay. You can choose from a list of prices for various diamond bundles that starts at Rs 50 and goes up to Rs 1,000. Additionally, there is a special deal on the website where gamers can acquire 50 diamonds absolutely free by using the coupon code

Games Kharido

One of the leading top-up websites in India, The Games Kharido also offers you some intriguing bargains. A 100% bonus is being offered on the first purchase on the website. Users can easily top-up diamonds, which will be credited to their accounts once the payment has been completed, by adding their Player ID or Facebook and paying using a variety of means.

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Another website that lets people top off their Garena Free Fire Diamonds is CodaShop. In-game currency for well-known apps like Candy Crush Saga, Need for Speed No Limits, Turbo VPN, and others may also be topped up on the website.

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SEAGM, also known as Sea Gamer Mall, is another well-known website where users may presently buy Garena Free Fire diamonds. On the website, there are some intriguing deals and discounts on diamond purchases.

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