Defiance Map Updates and Early Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 12 are now available.

Apex Legends Season 12 is now available for Updates.

Defiance Map Updates and Early Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 12 are now available.
Apex Legends Season 12 are now available.

Season 12 of Apex Legends: Defiance will be released on February 8, 2022. Season 12 introduces a slew of new features to the Apex Games, including the newest Legend, Mad Maggie, the deranged warlord of Salvo.

The major redesign of Olympus, which will now be known as 'Sabotaged Olympus,' is one of the most significant improvements coming to Apex Legends. The map will appear dramatically different, and Level Designer Alex Graner highlighted key goals for the revisions in a comprehensive Reddit post: Top 10 Best PC Games

  • Expand the map, spreading squads out more so that the map's central area (Labs/Estates) isn't the main go-to battle zone each game, and limiting the number of spontaneous 3rd-parties.
  • Better rotational options to assist players in avoiding and escaping problematic chokepoints.
  • New dynamic map toys and play places to entice players into the new sections, resulting in fresh new Olympus experiences.

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Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance Nerfs Caustic and Buffs Crypto

Sabotaged Olympus, Phase Driver

The Phrase Driver may be found on the map's newly extended South side. Because the object is interactive, gamers can use it to obtain high-tier rewards. Apex Legends Mobile

The Phase Driver appears to be the focal point of all improvements on Olympus, as it connects nearby Points of Interest, allowing players to explore this area more purposefully. In addition, the Interactive Phase Driver Device appears to be a lot of fun.

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Three loot rollers will phase when activated, with at least one Gold-Tiered ball guaranteed in each activation. It also has a 45-second cooldown period before it can be used again. The trade-off is that the device creates a loud noise that can be heard by players in the nearby area, making the players a rather broad target.

The Phase Driver Device, on the other hand, can be used to draw out nearby troops and ambush them. Olympus has seen numerous renovations, including the Terminal, Shifted Grounds, New North East Path, and more. Go to the subreddit post linked here for a thorough breakdown of the new modifications.

Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance Early Patch Notes

Apex Legends Crypto

Crypto's drone will now have new powers in order to make him more mobile. Crypto will be able to utilise his Drone normally, but he will also be able to pitch it in a straight line, where it will automatically stop after a predetermined distance.

It's similar to a "slower Bloodhound scan," but it functions in the same way. It also has the ability to adhere to a wall and act as a webcam if it comes across adversaries in its path.

Apex Legends Caustic

Caustic's gas traps can now be destroyed after they've been activated, which is a significant nerf. Teams will be able to dismantle an activated trap by shooting it, giving them a good fighting chance.

It would be fascinating to watch how Caustic mains respond to this nerf, as well as if he will remain in the top tiers of the tier list after this.

Apex Legends Weapon Changes

In care package loot, the Alternator will be replaced by the Volt, which will do an additional 2 damage to each bullet. Flatline and the Longbow have been moved to the Replicator cas craftable guns in order to limit the number of guns in the ground loot pool.

Flatline also receives damage nerf, with 1 damage per bullet removed. Guns produced in the Replicator, like Care Package weapons, will come with a large supply of ammo. Triple Take has also been nerfed, now dealing 21 damage per bullet rather than 23.

Apex Legends New Hop-up: Kinetic Feeder

Hop-ups have also been updated, with Hammerpoint Rounds for P2020 and Mozambique returning, as well as the ability to utilize it on RE-45. Only hipfire rounds will be affected by Shatter Caps, which will be disabled when aiming down the sights.

The new Peacekeeper and Triple Take hop-up, "Kinetic Feeder," activates when sliding and feeds ammo to those guns. The greater time it takes to choke those firearms is the price to pay.