Cyber Crime Complaint Online | Where to Report Online Frauds in India

Anyone can be a victim of online fraud, so it is important to know in today's time. Where to Report Online Frauds in India, Cyber Crime Complaint Online.

Cyber Crime Complaint Online | Where to Report Online Frauds in India
Cyber Crime Complaint Online

Cyber Crime Complaint Online How to Report Fraud Online In today's online age, the use of computers and the internet is increasing day by day, and it has become impossible to do any work without the help of smartphones and computers. Due to this online fraud is increasing day by day. Anyone can be a victim of online fraud, so it is important to know in today's time. How To Report Fraud Online (How To Report Fraud Online)

Technology has made the lifestyle of people very easy. But with the advantages of anything, there are always disadvantages as well. Due to a lack of technology knowledge, people would get cheated a lot online. Day by day gullible people falls prey to online fraud. 

So in today's article, we will talk about online fraud prevention measures and how to report online fraud. If you or any of your relatives have ever been cheated online, then this article will prove to be very helpful for you. So read it completely.

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What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber ​​world means that every work that happens in the world of the Internet which is done with the intention of harming someone, is called cyber crime. This can happen in many ways. Hacking someone's website or email account, stealing someone's personal information by luring them for something and trapping them in their trap, etc.

In today's time, everyone wants to earn money online, scammers and fraudsters are taking advantage of this and cheat by giving work from home. All this crime is called online fraud or cyber crime. If you have also been a victim of any online fraud and want to report it online fraud, then we have given below complete information about how to report online fraud.

Cyber Crime Complaint Online, How to Report Fraud Online

In today's online world it is very easy to complain about online fraud. If you have also become a victim of online fraud or online fraud, then do it in the following three ways: You can register an online fraud complaint.

  • You can make a fraud complaint online helpline number you can do it by phone.
  • Online fraud can be reported on cybercrime websites but also.
  • Cyber Crime department of the police station how can I file an online fraud complaint also?

Note: These three methods have been explained in detail, so read this information carefully.

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How to Complain About Online Fraud Through the Helpline Number

The Ministry of Home Affairs has made a plan to protect the interests of the people and to avoid online fraud. Helpline number 155260 started. The facilities under this helpline number are available in states like Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and Assam. Available 24 hours. In other states, this service is available between 10 am to 6 pm.

If you have been cheated of any kind, you can register a complaint online by calling 155260. On the call, you will be asked for your name, mobile number, and incident information.

Cyber ​​Portal (Website) How to Report Fraud Online

In addition to the helpline number for the complaint of cyber fraud, the Ministry of Home Affairs has also set up a portal named Cyber ​​Crime, on which you can also file a complaint. You can easily file a complaint against online fraud by following these steps.

  • First, you have to go to the website.
  • Report women/child-related crimes and report other cybercrime options will be available at the top of the home page. If the incident of cyber crime has happened to any woman or child, then click on report women/child related crime. Otherwise, click on Report other cyber crime option.
  • Now click on the Next Register a Complaint button. I accept Click on Accept T&C.
  • Now a login page will open in front of you click on “Click here for new user”
  • Now you have to select your state and enter your email id and mobile number click on “Get OTP”
  • Now enter the OTP grade in your mobile as well as the captcha.
  • Finally, click on the “Submit” button.
  • Now submit by entering your name, father's name, address, etc.
  • Once you have successfully login the complaint registration form it will appear, fill it in.

In this way, you can file an online fraud complaint sitting at home. Similarly, you can also report other incidents of cybercrime. You can also check the status of the complaint filed by you from the site

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How to Report Fraud Online to Cyber Crime Complaint Online Department

If you don't want to register your complaint in the above way then you can go to your nearest police station or dial the 100 number on cyber crime department I can complain about it. Apart from this, by visiting the state police website online complaints can also be filed. After registering the FIR, whatever evidence you have related to the crime, share it with the investigating officer both in hard and soft copy. such as…

  • Tell the officer everything that happened to you at the time of complaint.
  • If there is any fraud related to social media hacking, then whoever has the password of your e-mail, Facebook, etc., apart from you, should also be informed about it.
  • Also, tell about the people you suspect.
  • After registering the FIR, definitely take your crime number from the officer with whom you have lodged the complaint. Which will help move the case forward. Apart from this, keep getting information about the case from time to time from the investigating officer.

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Documents Required for Online Cheating Wings Complaint

  1. Copy of complainant's bank account
  2. ID card of the complainant
  3. transaction screenshot
  4. money deducted SMS
  5. online fraudster mobile number

How to Avoid Cyber Crime

  1. Do not use public Wi-Fi.
  2. Do not use any third-party software on your computer.
  3. Do not click on unknown links.
  4. use update browser
  5. Before using a secondhand mobile, check whether it is safe to use or not
  6. Do not use anyone else's pen drive.
  7. Always keep the original antivirus in your mobile or computer and keep scanning it from time to time.
  8. Use only trusted websites when searching online.
  9. Viruses are most likely to come from 18+ websites.
  10. Do not share your personal information without knowing it.
  11. Do not follow the order given on any unwanted call.
  12. Do not share your bank account and other personal information under the lure of any lottery.


Friends, hope you have understood what is cybercrime and how to complain about online thugs (how to complain online thugs). Still, if you have any questions related to this, then definitely tell by commenting. If any kind of online fraud has happened to you, then definitely let me know.