Best Webcams 2023 for PC and Mac: Like a pro, you can work from home.

From affordable webcams to the premium camera and mic combos, here are the finest webcams for working from home.

Best Webcams 2023 for PC and Mac: Like a pro, you can work from home.
Best Webcams 2022 for PC and Mac

Getting one of the Best webcams has gone from a niche worry to a significant aspect of many people's home working settings in the last year. These cameras have an integrated audio-video unit that is ideal for team meetings, briefings, and keeping in touch with friends and family – and they can be mounted virtually anywhere, making it easier to position them at a comfortable height for long sessions.

Instead, are you looking for something for the office? Then you should think about getting one of the best video conferencing cameras. LG C2 OLED TV price

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the finest webcams on the market in 2023, with options for every budget, ranging from low-cost cameras that get the job done to high-end 4K webcams. These are tools that are now just as crucial as the best office chairs or keyboards in a home office setting.

In terms of form and functionality, we also have a variety of webcam solutions. Some of these top webcams can display in 4K quality, while others have tiltable and adjustable heads, giving you more options when you're on the phone. Each webcam on our list also has good audio quality, which we believe is an important must for any good webcam purchase. Best Webcam, Why the AirPods Pro 2's

And that's a good thing since even though the best laptops and the best lightweight laptops are becoming better at integrating webcams, they still can't match the fidelity of a dedicated unit. And, with more individuals conducting business from home than ever before, looking your best is more vital than ever.

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Best Webcam, The best webcam for most people

Resolution: 1080p
Features: Stereo audio, autofocus, auto light correction, background removal
+Excellent low-light capabilities
+1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps streaming
+Background removal feature
-Business aesthetic might not be for all

In our opinion, the Logitech C922 Pro Stream is the best webcam for most individuals. It's one of Logitech's newest webcams, so you're getting the most up-to-date technology, which benefits in a variety of ways, including helping you seem better in dim lighting, which is common in home offices. It also supports 720p/60fps streaming, ensuring that you get high-fidelity and smooth video results while on a call. It also includes some extremely cool supplementary features.

A background elimination function, which is fantastic for preserving your privacy at home, low-light correction, camera lens autofocus, and accurate stereo audio are among these characteristics. The C922 Pro Stream also includes colour correcting capabilities. AOC G2 Series Gaming Monitors 

Most individuals should be able to benefit from the 78° field of view, which means it will take in your head and body for a comfortable view as if you were across the table rather than a close-up of your head. It's not so big, though, that the mess in the corners of your workspace will be visible.

The C922 Pro Stream looks good in terms of style - it's businesslike but not offensive, and it should fit on your monitor without issue, but it can also be put on a separate tiny tripod if you like.

But, most importantly, it achieves all of this at an inexpensive mid-range price point, which makes it our top webcam for most people too. You may go cheaper and still get good image quality, or you can go more expensive and get 4K quality - but we believe this is a great compromise.

It supports Windows 10 (as well as Windows 8, 7, and 8) as well as macOS 10.10 or later, ChromeOS, and Android. Apple Watch Series 8

Check out Logitech C922 vs Razer Kiyo Pro comparison feature to see how this webcam compares to our top-rated premium webcam option.

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Best Webcam, The best premium webcam

Image resolution: 2.1 Megapixels
Video Resolution: 1080p at 60FPS / 1080p HDR at 30fps
Video encoding: H.264 codec
Still Image Resolution: 1920x1080
Diagonal Field of View (FOV): 103°, 90°, 80°
Focus Type: Auto or manual
Mounting Options: L-shape monitor clamp or tripod
Cable Length: 1.5 meters braided cable
Connection: USB-A 3.0
Software: Razer Synapse
+Uncompressed 1080p 60fps video
+HDR-enabled video
+Wide-angle lens with adjustable FOV
+Excellent configuration software
-Razer, so it's pricey

The Kiyo Pro is an evolution of the Razer Kiyo for a more professional audience, with the camera dropping the in-built ring light in favour of Full HD 60 fps performance, HDR, and increased low-light features.

The result is a camera that can be used for both video meetings and gaming, thanks to the camera's STARVIS technology, which ensures subjects are lighted even in low-light situations, and the HDR feature, which mitigates over and underexposure for a more natural look.\

The Razer Kiyo Pro also has three distinct fields of vision, the biggest of which is 103 degrees (ideal for showing numerous persons on a call) and the narrowest of which is 80 degrees (ideal for a close crop on the subject).

The Kiyo Pro's hardware is only half of the story, as its Synapse software configuration tool lets you set up and tweak your image in a variety of ways. HDR can be turned on and off (with HDR on, you'll only receive 30fps; with it off, you'll get 60fps), profiles may be chosen, the field of views cycled through, and manual adjustments to saturation and contrast can be made. MacBook Air 2023

As a result, the Kiyo Pro provides a premium webcam solution that will appeal to a wide range of users. It doesn't have the same 4K resolution as the Logitech Brio and is more pricey, but it's otherwise nearly ideal.

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Best Webcam, The best budget webcam

Resolution: 720p
Features: Noise canceling, colour correction
+Very affordable
+Great for Skype
-Fugly aesthetic
-No fancy features

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 is an excellent alternative for budget-conscious shoppers. It features a flexible head that can spin 360 degrees, a range of mounting choices, including mounting on a tripod, a wideband microphone and focusing capability, and access to Microsoft's TrueColor system, which dynamically adjusts exposure to retain the best possible image quality.

It isn't the most gorgeous camera in terms of aesthetics, but considering the hardware and functions it offers, you can't really complain at this price. The ability to capture still photographs at 4MP resolution from it at 30 frames per second is a nice bonus. A fantastic option for webcam consumers on a budget.

In Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 vs Logitech StreamCam comparison function, you may compare this camera to one that costs more. This should help you figure out whether you need to pay more money or if the LifeCam HD-3000 would be enough.

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Best Webcam, The best USB-C webcam

Resolution: 1080p at 60fps
Features: Autofocus and exposure, rotatable, image stabilization, dual mics
+Great design
+High-quality video
+USB-C connectivity is rare…
-You'll have to pay for it

Logitech's USB-C camera is a highly modern take on the webcam, made for the streaming age but equally at home for videoconferencing. That extends to its design, which is made entirely of matte plastic and fabric, exactly like half of the 2020s most exciting new technology.

In terms of image quality, you've got Full HD 1920x1080 streaming at up to 60 frames per second, which isn't something you'll see very often. You may even effortlessly swivel the camera to broadcast in portrait mode without cropping.

Because of the USB-C connection, it's ideal for ultraportable notebooks with that port, such as the MacBook Air, which has only that connector. However, if your computer only has boring old USB-A ports, you'll need to purchase an adapter to operate this webcam (or should just choose another, maybe).

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It includes built-in electronic image stabilization, so you can hold it and move it without ruining the image, a high-quality dual-mic system for clear audio, the ability to mount it on a tripod, and Logitech's software offer you a lot of control over the look. It runs on Windows 10 and macOS 10.14 and higher, and includes compatibility with a variety of live-streaming technologies as well as video-chat services — it's a webcam for the modern era.

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Best Webcam, The best webcam for content creators and streamers

Resolution: 1080p
Features: HD video, intelligent app control, stream via Wi-Fi or LTE, Multicam functionality
+Can be used completely wirelessly 
+Stream over Wi-Fi or mobile data
+Connect up the 3 Mevo Start camera
-Not as good quality as a video camera
-You’ll need to buy a tripod separately 

It's not simply a webcam with the Logitech Mevo Start. While you can use it to make video chats with your PC or Mac when needed, its primary function is to capture and stream video material online.

You don't need to be a cameraman to generate professional-looking live streaming with this camera. It removes all of the difficulty from the procedure, making it quick and simple to set them up.

All of this is controlled by a smartphone app that allows you to stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. If you'd rather record a video to edit and publish later, you can store the film on a MicroSD card that you can slot into the camera's rear.

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You can start live streaming from anywhere at any time because it's fully wireless and you may select to stream over Wi-Fi or LTE.

You'll be able to record footage in up to 1080p resolution using this camera. The videos we shot appeared incredibly clear and clean when we tested it out. The software gives you a lot of control over the image, including manual settings for exposure, ISO, white balance, and more. It won't replace a proper video camera, but it will be a significant upgrade over most basic webcams.

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Best Webcam, A professional, well-priced camera

Resolution: 1080p (recording); 720p (streaming)
Features: Skype, colour correction, Hi-Fi mic
+Quality microphone
+Wide-angle view
+Mid-range price point
-CCTV vibes in terms of design

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio isn't the most visually appealing camera, but it's reasonably priced and offers 1080p recording, 720p video calling, a wide-angle lens, and a high-quality wideband microphone with clear audio.

The LifeCam also includes Microsoft's TrueColor colour correction system, which helps you appear your best on the phone, and its head can spin 360 degrees.

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Best Webcam, The best webcam for 4K recording

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Features: Windows Hello, HDR, 5x HD Zoom
+4K Ultra HD resolution
+Supports Windows Hello
-Very expensive

The Logitech Brio Webcam should be at the top of your list of best webcams to check out if money isn't an issue. That's because it not only has an Ultra HD 4K resolution and HDR, but it also has a 5X HD Zoom capability, autofocus, twin Omni-directional mics with noise cancellation, and an external privacy shutter. It's also Windows Hello compatible (enabling you to log in to your computer using biometrics).

Another useful feature of the Brio Webcam is its changeable field of view, which allows the user to choose between 65, 78, or 90-degree viewing angles. This is wonderful since the Brio can handle group video conversations with more than one person in the room, as well as a close image angle for only a head and shoulders perspective.

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Best Webcam, The best webcam for streamers

Resolution: 1080p
Features: Ring light, autofocus, colour control
+Built-in ring light
+1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps
+Good colour and white balance controls
-Are you a streamer?

The regular Kiyo, unlike the Razer Kiyo Pro above, lacks advanced hardware, with no HDR support and 60fps only available at 720p resolution. It does, however, come with a built-in ring light.

A ring light surrounding the camera lens is included in the Razer Kiyo. Ring lights are popular among streamers, Instagrammers, and others because they provide even lighting from a single source, eliminating the need for positioning and eliminating unwanted shadows.

The camera itself is decent, with Full HD or 720p streaming options, and while you can leave the colour balance to it, you can also tweak things like the white balance if you know what you're doing.

As a result, the image has a "studio" appearance, which will appeal to broadcasters, as well as many gamers who enjoy showing off their gaming space while they play.

There's no denying that the camera is a strong pick for pros, but the Kiyo Pro is a better option in that category. Best Webcam

Still, for gamers and streamers, the Razer Kiyo is unbeatable, so it's an easy recommendation.

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The most significant difference between inexpensive and higher-end cameras is resolution: the cheapest webcams offer 720p HD (1280x720 pixels), while mid-range webcams offer 1080p Full HD (1920x1080 pixels). You can get a 4K webcam if you go elite (3840x2160 pixels). If you're largely utilizing the webcam for video conferencing, going over 1080p isn't really necessary because the fine quality will be filed off anyhow after it's all compressed over the internet. However, if you want to record yourself in the greatest possible quality, go for 4K! Best Webcam

More costly webcams will be able to record at higher framerates — 30fps is the very least, with 60fps providing a smoother and more realistic look (though, again, when video conferencing, the internet connection speed of people involved may make this moot).

We're also searching for webcams that have strong built-in autofocus and auto-exposure, which is thankfully very standard. It means you won't have to worry about looking off when the light changes during the day.

Naturally, good forward-facing microphones are also essential. Separated stereo mics are preferable to video conferencing for clarity, however, many people will use headphones anyway (and streamers will almost certainly have a mic setup), so it's less important than overall video quality.

It's ideal if a webcam comes with good software for tweaking how it functions, especially for streamers. We also want to make sure you can just put it in and go because we know a lot of people aren't interested in tinkering with the settings. We're also looking at what will work on both a Mac and a PC.